Christmas Bauble Knitting Pattern for All Yarns

Quickly knit up some baubles in all your yarn stash of any weight, to fill your Christmas tree.

The Christmas Bauble Knitting pattern is no longer available as a free download,
it's available here for £1.99

I'm in Hannah! I'm ready to knit baubles now!

Believe it or not....

  • You'll be able to knit these up in any yarn stash! 
  • Yes, pick up some Christmassy colours, with the needles suggested for the yarn and start knitting!
  • You'll have them in smaller sizes with DK and Aran yarns, and big sizes with chunky and super-chunky... sounds good, right?
  • And I'll send you a link to a full video demo, so you can knit-along with me and have one ready to go on the tree in about 30mins.

Hey! Who is this knitting dame anyway???

Hello! I'm Hannah! I love knitting. I've been knitting for almost 40 years and I designed my first collection of knitted accessories in 2008. I have been teaching knitting in various ways for a very long time... to my friends at school, to my knitting buddies and family over the years and also to myself! 

By breaking down each part of a task I am able to teach and explain the knitting process so you will understand the simplest things which seem confusing to most knitters...

"Even though I would not class myself as a total beginner I still learnt new things.....Your explanation and videos were clear and easy to follow." Fiona, UK