Free guide from Knit With Hannah

FREE colour knitting guide, revealing 4 top tips to unleash the colour-choosing guru inside you!

  • Learn 4 colour choosing hacks- so you'll never be hesitant again!


  • Use the full rainbow of colours from the colour wheel... with beginner's knits!


  • Step away from the safe choices!

  • And brighten not just the accessories that you wear, but your knitting experience too!

Hey! Who is this knitting dame anyway???  

Hello! I'm Hannah! I love knitting. I've been knitting for almost 40 years and I designed my first collection of knitted accessories in 2008. I have been teaching knitting in various ways for a very long time... to my friends at school, to my knitting buddies and family over the years and also to myself!  

By breaking down each part of a task I am able to teach and explain the knitting process so you will understand the simplest things which seem confusing to most knitters... and that includes making decisions on yarn colour!  

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